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mistralshining [userpic]

The Liverpool Trip!!

January 13th, 2008 (10:49 pm)

Well got up on sat morn, dashed about, to get ready!

Picked Brad up then left ipswich at about 11am, with fuel.
Now enroute to Liverpool, i think........ "we should get a map!!"  so i buy a map at Cambridge Services, look at and think "whatever!!" 
Throw it on the back seat and carry on!!
Oh while there we had a go on the massage chairs, They hurt!!
We get to the end of the A14 and i say to Brad...... M6 or M1?!?!?!?!
Hmmm...... now at this point we are both pretty clueless, but thinking oh M1 goes up middle of the country was a bad idea!!
The descision added about an extra 3 hours on our journey time!!
However we did get to see, sheffield, leicester, Sherwood Forest, Manchester, and The Peak District!!
Oh yes right through the middle of there and we saw snow!! WOO HOO!! Love snow!!

So we find Liverpool, we see a Premier Inn, but continue on route to docks have a drive round get really lost!!  Then go back to Premier Inn and check in, £53 for a room WTF!?! Does it have sky?? No!! Does it have mini bar??? No!! It only had one tea bag for fuck sakes!!
I was not impressed lol!!

Well we go out for a drive, go for a gary round Liverpool town centre, get completly lost on way back to Premier Inn, so decided to ask directions.  now its like everyone in Liverpool speaks a different language.....
 "what time is it???"
 "fkljaf;gja lkdfjafj "

We asked one guy direction he said "Get back on M62...dfsd fhadjfa kdfa;df"
I thought he was taking the piss and telling us to go back where we came from!!  But we bought Party all Night Pills off him, no i mean it they are legal and sold in Esso garages in Liverpool!! haha!!
Anyways somehow we end up in Everton?!?! WTF?!?!? I dont know how but we did lol!! We also ended up going through a tunnel 4 times back an forth!! £1.30 a go!!! WTF?!?!?

Well we find our way back then go out in search for food... nom nom nom!!!
We find a pizza/zebab place, we order then realise its pretty dirty, and can't understand the staff!!
I dont think my bursting through the door shouting "feed me im fucking hungry!!" Helped our cause either!! No spit though as we could see them amking it lol!!

Take pizza back to room, decide to tired eat one slice fall asleep lol!!

Wake up next morn to Brad watching Tweenies!! Yes i caught him watching it lol!!

We get up eventually bed is so comfy i dont wanna move lol!!

Then we decide to steal things!!
So i have a velvety purple thing that goes on the bed, Brad has the Wardrobe handle lol!!

We find our way to Crosby Beach easily, it is cold, and wet, but i have wellies so its fine.  We molester some of the statues take some pics then get in the car to head back.

We stop at Cambridge Services on way back, where Brad makes a friend with a small chinese child at about the age of 2 or 3 yrs old!! I then proceed to act like a child and throw food at him!!

I get back and my nan has cooked me a roast!!

I have had a successful, awesome, random weekend!!

By the way the reason we get lost is due to Map!!
Witch hunt is on for Map, he will be tortured and burnt when found!!

To see pics of trip go to:  www.myspace.com/mistralshining

mistralshining [userpic]

(no subject)

January 11th, 2008 (10:43 pm)

Well, i was early for work today!! OMG!!! everyone was really surprised. lol!

Work was a pain today, had chinese for lunch nom nom nom.  Not doing that again though chinese for lunch aint as good as you'd think lol!!

Well i had a naughty cigarette today at work too!!

Got home from work, found that Nan has booked the holiday for the 9th Feb, to India.

Well i have decided i am going to Liverpool this weekend, i was toying with the idea of france but can't be arsed to sort out the car insurance.

So liverpool it is lol!!

Not much else to report other then i got a long drive tomorrow to go look at some statues lol!!

x x

mistralshining [userpic]

Day something.

January 10th, 2008 (10:52 pm)

Told you i would forget lol!!

Well i have no forgotten what it was i did on those days, but yesterday i went to work.  At lunch time i went down to Levington marina to do some photography, i got a few nice shots, which i put on my myspace.... www.myspace.com/djephotography
The photos on there have not been tampered with and are what i like to call RAW, as in straight from the camera lol!!

Well my sister stayed last night she baby sat while i went out.

I had my massage class, i can now do Legs, feet, arms, hands, chest and neck!!  i think i can class myself professionallie lol!!

After that i went over to Debenham, met Rob in the Leisure Centre.  Its amazing, haven't been to Debenham for a few years and its like nothing ever changes.  Time does actually stand still in a place like that!!  We also went down the Cherry Tree, where i sniggered from the corner where i was playing Itbox, at the girls that were all over Rob.  It makes me laugh, i think most people in Debenham have forgotten me, or maybe they just pretend they dont know me.  Who cares anyways, i find them minor details, as i cannot really remember them!!

Anyways Rob sucks at pool, i beat him lots, I played lots of awesome songs on the duke box, and it was fun.

Got to work this morning late again.  I am always late, i hope they dont expect me to ever be on time for anything lol!!  At least im honest with them about it!!

Well i had a pretty easy day today, although i hardly spoke to any one as i was suffering and was Irritable, tired, and anxious.  I hope these symptoms subside, and i also think the cause of my not eating has been found, although i would really like to eat something now!!

I have decided i am going to have a cigarette tomorrow, as it may help, quitting too many things at once is prob whats messing me up!! lol!!

Anyways i paid lots of Bills today and it hurt!! But at least im not gonna get evicted or cut off from the world lol!! I dont need to touch my savings, and im back in the black!!! All good things!!

I finished work at half 2 today so i feel like its half 4 in the morning when its only 11pm, my body is confused lol!!

I am starting to question who my friends really are, now my brain is beginning to click and cogs are starting to turn, im starting to question who they are.  But then it could be paranoia, never thought of that before.

I wonder what it is.

Maybe i should do a test..... DO NOT contact any of your friends and see which one texts first and see how long it takes!?!?!

Do you think this is a fair test?!?!?
Let me know!

Anyways i need tea!! So im gonna go put the kettle on!!

x x

mistralshining [userpic]

Day 4!

January 7th, 2008 (10:58 pm)

    Well woke up late this morning.  See what i mean i should've slept on the sofa!! lol!!  Well after dropping Stella off at nursery i went to BP, turns out i have a slow puncture as my tire has gone down again, I find this most annoying as its gonna cost me £50 for a new one, plus £100 for the two fronts that need doing!! OUCH!! lol!!

Well i get to work and its another boring day at the office, all targets were met, and we made the 1st sale of 2008!! WOO HOO!!!
My sister started today, and she has prob gone home wondering what the hell is she doing working for a company like this lol!!

We did have a pub lunch though, we had carvery but im still struggling to eat, but managed to eat bare minimum again!
I did play on the Itbox though, i love the itbox, actually no i dont, it loves me for my money ROBBING BASTARD MACHINE!!! lol!!

Didn't really do alot today im still feeling a bit ill from cold/flu, so i just come back here and watched the soaps!

Oh my advice for today...... if its not broke, dont fix it...... or if it is broke, and you dont know how to fix it, dont fix it!!

Trust me i've had my sound card staring at me for the last couple months, took it out the box today and its only one bit to put in.  So Donna thinks... well..... how hard can that be?!?!!?
I think my PC is more broken then when i started!! So word of advice get a professionallie!!

Didn't get my pics done today, so gonna have a go tomorrow if its not raining.

Over and out (lol!)

x x

mistralshining [userpic]

Day 3.

January 6th, 2008 (09:30 pm)

current mood: weird

Well i woke up this morning on the sofa, i hate it when that happens as you never feel as if you've had enough sleep.  On the plus side though it stopped me getting up late!

So Ed actually turns up on time to take Stella out for the day and, get ready for the fan fare, he actually paid some maintenance money today!! Think he may have turned a corner today.

Well anyways i have the day to do as i please, so i go out into the country to pester Rob.  Now why is it in the country it is always cold!?!  Well after plenty of moaning that i was hungry i managed to drag Rob to go get a pub lunch.  We went to The Magpie on the A140 cute little pub.  I have order the chicken he orders the fish.  We have deep conversation that i cannot repeat, but basically i got a kick up the arse, which has been a long time coming!!

Well i've come home to discover my eating which was improving has completly disintergrated, i could only eat about 4 mouthfuls at the pub and now im home, im still struggling.  I thought this problem was getting better but its gone 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. I think i have lost quite a bit of weight, i have been asking people, but they can never tell, but since i've been asking im sure i must be and i also think the not eating is the reason im struggling to get rid of this cold.

Today I have also decided im going to have a dab at photography, its an interest of mine i've never taken up.  I bought a compact digital camera before christmas, so im gonna go down to Levington Marina tomorrow and get some shots with that tomorrow.  See how i get on, then if im good at it i'll get one of them professionallie cameras.  I need so pics for my walls at home here so hopefully i'll get some good shots!

Well Stella came home happy, she got her christmas presents off Ed today and his family.  He also says he's gonna have her overnight on a sat when he moves into his new house (whenever that might be!)

Well the lesson today is if you wanna get better eat, if you cant eat get help.  Which is prob what im gonna have to do if i cant start eating by the end of this week!

Now watching Memoirs of a Geisha!

mistralshining [userpic]

Writing 2 days in a row!! amazing!!

January 5th, 2008 (07:26 pm)

Well after writing yesterdays entry, Alan came round as he'd finished work late and just wanted to chill out somehwere for a bit!!

So i ordered Die Hard 4.0 on box office and we watched that!! Awesome action film, bit of a stupid storyline, but the action is brilliant, but aren't all the die hard films like that?!?!?  I've also decided that Bruce Willis (dunno what his name is in film), well he should actually be called.... Boris the Bullet and everything else that gets thrown in his direction dodger!! lol!!

Well it was really nice having some company for a change instead of sitting on my own, obviously Nick was pinning for an invite round but he can go swivel!! In the words of Bridget Jones.... "I'd rather wipe Suddams arse!!" and i would then put up with Nick for a night lol!! I'm so totally off him the slimey...... just realised he could read this but he cant cause he aint got tinterweb, so its all gravy lol!

Well i got to bed early hours of this morning, and woke up late!!
Well i wasn't actually late for anything its just i normally wake up by about half 9!
So i get up struggle to get into gear until theres a few cups of tea in me, then i have a bath and go down the salon!!

Now i got to the Salon late, but they never care cause i tip them, im always late for everything i run on Japanese time zones or something!

Now heres a tip for you.... never get anything waxed if you are feeling ill even in the slightest!! If you do it will hurt!!

Spent the rest of the afternoon over my mums, for sympathy obviously, cause you dont get sympathy sat at home on your own!!  She eventually got fed up with me and hoofed me out cause she wanted her dinner and i was falling asleep!  she's agreed to have Stella next sat night though, so im free if anyone has any suggestions!!

Im now sat here awaiting chinese that'll be here any min.... nom, nom, nom!!!

I haven't really educated myself with any wisedom today other then the waxing thing!!  But im ill so dont expect too much of me! lol!

mistralshining [userpic]

The first entry!!

January 4th, 2008 (06:50 pm)

Well i will start from today, always wanted to keep a diary, but it takes me too long to write things, but i can type fast so this is perfect lol!!

Well had to go to work today as i do most week days my Bitch Boy didn't come in today, skivving proberly, it annoys me as i was really ill yesterday and today but i still managed to drag myself out of bed to go!! Saying that though, i like going into work ill 1. to share the love/germs and 2. you dont get no sympathy at home on your own!!

had lunch at Thrashers today with Alan, i love having lunch with Alan although he did keep beating me at pool, which im a bit gutted about as i did used to be really good at it!!

I've also decided today that no one is ever truly honest with you, i really like someone, they said they really like me, but then when i say i wanna see them i get the brush off!!  So maybe people are not always honest about what they want, or maybe its people lie to get what they want!  Well this has totally put me off this person, and now i've took a step back i think maybe i was looking to hard for something i dont really want anyways!

Well my washing is all done in my new machine that arrived this morning which is great!!

I've actually had dinner which i normally skip, and i've got a DVD to chill out and watch later.

See i've not done too badly for a first entry!! Not sure who i really want to be reading this though so feel free to add me if you find me, but i aint giving this out lol!!

x x

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